We made the News!

We’re getting the word out that there’s some good eats at Fred’s Diner at the Ranch!

Williams News photo

Fred’s Diner at Raptor Ranch welcomes guests from around the world. From left: Raptor Ranch, co-owner, Ron Brown, head chef Francisco Granados and Raptor Ranch co-owner Troy Morris. (V. Ronnie Tierney/WGCN)

See the story at Williams News: Fred’s Diner at Raptor Ranch offers food options at Grand Canyon Junction | Williams-Grand Canyon News | Williams-Grand Canyon, AZ (williamsnews.com)

Michael Grimm Visits the Ranch! @michaelgrimmmusic

Thank you @michaelgrimmmusic for visiting us today. It was a pleasure having you @raptorranchgc and your musical talent on @agt.
If you’re celebrating the 4th of July @grandcanyonnps Go watch Michael perform tomorrow in Tusayan. On your way be sure to stop by and visit us!